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Jul 24, 2011 5:00am PDT
, and maybe we do something big about the whole thing. but we are here to talk about great center. you help women and men. you are celebrating 50 years of the construction of great center. it's been a pound for a lot longer than that. tell us about it. stay with in 1932, the sisters of good shepherd came to san francisco until the university's school for girls. it was a facility geared for teenage girls having difficulty at home and they had come to the attention of the juvenile courts and maybe social services. they were placed with the sisters. the sisters really wanted to give them the best. >> and i don't want to interrupt, but i know there are still people who raise money under that banner. i always wondered universities around ladies home is what is called, pray? >> yes. >> there are still universities that raise funds under that banner. >> that hold. is called university bound. the idea was that we would have a full credited high school into presidents. that is where the teenage girls came to live at that facility. as the years went by, the sisters began to dream about having tr
Jul 17, 2011 5:00am PDT
boy. he will be here for the opening night. >> and that will be at the castro? >> we have a big party following that. >> it's really celebratory. >> without giving it away, what sort of the basic theme? >> it's a drama about a dysfunctional family with a boy that is going to be -- what happens is his brother returns to the family and his brother had been institutionalized. it's all about what that does to the family. >> and it's in keeping with the title? >> yes. >> wonderful, wonderful. >> and the director will be here. he also had another one called strangers, so he will be here but the film. >> continuing on, what are the other themes? >> closing night we are really excited. we have a film called 100 voices, a journey home. this is a musical/documentary about a group of campers that travel back to poland to for warm -- to sing there, basically. we are having a pre-film concert featuring some of the cancers in the film and actually to locals as well. that is wrong when barack from the congregation, emmanuelle, and sharon bernstein from congregation. >> wonderful. are both of them in
Jul 3, 2011 5:00am PDT
we are here with andy galvin. he is the curator in san francisco, and a big fan of all the missions and a great supporter of pilgrimage. again, let me point off the shirt. you are wearing the shirt with all of the missions on it. >> different missions and different sizes. and it's available at image of shock -- >> is available in our get shocked. >> do you sell a lot of them question of. >> yes, we do. >> or you have other shirts with other things on them? cynically of the typical. >> was this your idea was to mark. >> it was our gift shop manager's idea. i know you can get them at other missions. i believe san diego carries them. >> i will tell you how much i know about the mission. >> yesterday placed in santa barbara. >> there r so many we think about. there were so many people involved in the development of the missions. i thought there continued to be today. >> today there are a lot of things you can learn about a california mission are yet i always try to undo the myths. first of all, one of the things people say, the missions were built one days journey apart, kind of like a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3